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Benefits of collaborative innovation in tire industry

Not long ago, Guo Jianlei, deputy director of the Education Department of Shandong Province, said in a news briefing that since the implementation of the “collaborative innovation program of Shandong higher education institutions” in 2013, a large number of achievements have been achieved. According to the introduction, Qingdao University of Science & Technology led the […]

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In the face of more complex difficult tire industry why grief than ever?

“This year, the tire industry is very quiet, mixed. Hi, before 2016, the tire industry has been 4 consecutive years of growth down, but this year the industry production in the last year on the basis of rebound to maintain the growth trend; the worry is that industry is currently facing difficulties and challenges.” In […]

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Import Amount of Rubber in the First Quarter More than Doubled on a Year-on-year Basis

According to the latest statistics by the General Admin- istration of Customs, in the first quarter of 2017, the rubber import amount of China more than doubled on a year-on-year basis. Among which, the import volume of natural rubber (in- cluding latex) added up to 760,000 tons, and the import turnover exceeded RMB 10 Billion […]

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Intelligent manufacturing standards in rubber industry must be advanced

In November 8th, the China tire intelligent manufacturing and Standardization Alliance was held in Qingdao, and the first working conference was held. According to the introduction, the alliance will finish the first draft of the 9 standards of the intelligent manufacturing terminology of tire industry before the end of 2017. The alliance’s mission is to […]

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