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This limited warranty applies to the original customers buying new manufactured tire directly from factory. All the tires should be marked factory serial numbers. Eligible tires shall be used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.


All our warranties are limited to the original customer and the original vehicleon which they are mounted, and are not assignable to subsequent purchasers orvehicles.
This limited warranty does not apply to tires which are being serviced underthe following conditions.


If a tire fails due to following defects, the manufacturer no responsible on the tire.

  1. Anomaly worn out
  2. a) Tire with low pressure condition;
  3. Tire fit on the wheel/rim improperly;
  4. Spare parts loose of truck.
  5. Tread anomaly worn
    1. Tire run on rock or bad conditions road for long time;
    2. Troubles of break system of truck.
  6. Tire shoulder damaged
    1. Overload too much;
    2. Tire be cut or impact by sharpness or hardness on high speed.
  7. Tire sidewall damaged
    1. Severe overload;
    2. Tire with lower pressure.
  8. Cut Crown
    1. Tire crown be cut or impacted by sharpness or hardness.
  9. Lengthways pattern damaged
    1. Tire pattern be cut by sharpness;
    2. Overload;
    3. Tire with high pressure.
  10. Tire rim position worn
    1. Misapplication of wheel or rim;
    2. The wheel or rim shape damaged;
    3. The tire with lower pressure running.
  11. Cut rim position
    1. The tire fit on wheel or rim anomaly;
    2. The wheel or rim dirty.
  12. Rim position damaged
    1. Severe overload;
    2. The truck turn suddenly or the turn angle too small;
    3. Tire impacted on high speed.
  13. Rim damage caused by workmanship
    1. Tire damaged by tools when the tire fit on wheel or rim by workmanship.
  14. Shortage pressure damage
    1. Tire leaking when running;
    2. Tire running with lower pressure.
  15. Tire body damage
    1. Tire running with lower pressure;
    2. Tire or tube leaking.
  16. Deflection worn
    1. Tire on the truck not change the position on time;
    2. Fit on differ brand or size on same truck;
    3. Fit on differ load capacity tire on same truck;
    4. The truck troubles.
  17. Anomaly crown worn
    1. Tire with high pressure running;
    2. Tire fit on a anomaly wheel or rim.
  18. Crown damage—type “X.Y./”
    1. Tire with high pressure running;
    2. Tire running on higher speed;
    3. Tire impact on running;
  19. Sidewall cut damage
    1. Tire sidewall impact on running;
    2. Tire sidewall cut on running.
  20. Crown cut damage
    1. Tire crown cut by sharpness on running.
  21. Fan shape damage on rim position
    1. Tire shape change and worn rim position, then cut the cords;
    2. Tire overload;
    3. Tire with lower pressure.